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April 30, 2021 By: LAURA GROVER
ANCESTRY Update for May, 2021
Connie Knox is a genealogy presenter on You Tube who presents on a wide range of topics. As you know, tomorrow is the first day of May. Every month ANCESTRY releases updates and improvements to their software platform. Connie has already released a you tube presentation on the New Features of ANCESTRY which start on May first, 2021. Be sure to catch her monthly posting on the new features at ANCESTRY every month.  If you want to go back and see what was new in February or March, go to the You tube search bar at the top of the You tube home page and search for her name. Many of her presentations will be listed including her ANCESTRY Updates. Click the subscribe button on one of her presentations and you will receive her new postings as they are uploaded. She has a lot of really good ideas. I am sure you can learn something from her.