An Irrigation Project at Volcano Lake

In 1917 and 1918, Dick Harrison wrote to his mother, Mary Sterling Harrison, about his adventures working for the Imperial Irrigation District at Volcano Lake, in Baja California.
The other day we were working down at the lake and I had a chance to see the sights. You can work along, and before you know it, hardly find yourself right on one of the small but numerous volcanoes—just a hole in the ground—with steam and sulphur fumes coming out with a rumble, like a large kettle of boiling water, only worse.
Dick mentions to his mother that he would like to experience a “touch of civilization,” and that he hopes that his crew’s base of operations will be moved closer to a branch of the railroad, where his letters home would be picked up more frequently, and where his crew would have access to a “motor car.”
In August of 1918, world events led to a change of plans for Dick, as another letter in this collection illustrates.
Dick Harrison letter
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