The Korb Family

Photo from Korb family filesOn 14 March 1941, Alfons Korb wrote to his parents, Hermann Albin Korb and Alma (Frenzel) Korb, from San Antonio, asking them for “information which the Air Corps at Duncan Field wants to know.” The requested information was his German-born father’s naturalization, as well as the full names of his paternal and maternal grandparents, and any of their naturalization proceedings.
Alfons’ father responded to the letter, and the result is a genealogical treasure, detailing the family’s origins in Saxony, and their lives in Fayette County, Texas. Also contained in this file are letters in German from relatives of the Korb family, living in Germany, Gerhard Korb (1947), and Brazil, Ewald Martin, Marie H. Luther, Oscar Luther (1930s-1950s), as well as several photographs.
Reverse of Korb family photo
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