About Us

The San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society was chartered in 1959. We are a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to teach and promote genealogical and historical research, publish and preserve records, and increase awareness of genealogy and history. We maintain an outstanding library of over 15,000 books, publish an award-winning semiannual journal and society books, and conduct educational seminars, classes, and workshops. In addition, through our First Families of Bexar County Program, we recognize descendants of people who were in Bexar County in 1850 or before.

Operating Year: July 2016 - June 2017

Board of Directors 2016–2017
President: Kurt Kneeland
1st Vice President: Dorothy Perez
2nd Vice President: Sue Seiler
3rd Vice President: Barbara McPherson
Secretary: Nancy Denning
Treasurer: Mr. Stephen Mabie
Director: Arnold Birdsong
Director: Dr. David Ringer
Director: Mrs. Mary Souter
Librarian: Vacant
Building & Grounds Co-Chairman: Dr. David Ringer
Building & Grounds Co-Chairman: Mrs. Merri Murphy
Chaplain: Ann Hunt
Parliamentarian: Vacant
Committee Chairpersons
Book Selection: Dr. Cynthia Kennedy
Corresponding Secretary: Ms. Diane Adams
Education: Mrs. Nancy McNamara
Finance: Barbara McPherson
First Families: Rushelle Mason
Historian: Barbara Froebel
Information Technology: Arnold Birdsong
Library: Vacant
Membership: Sue Seiler
Memorials: Mrs. Mitzi Jackson
Our Heritage (Editor): Larry Luckett
Periodicals: Mrs. Mitzi Jackson
Picture Wall: Mr. Jim Earl
Programs: Dorothy Perez
Publications: Dr. Cynthia Kennedy
Purchasing Agent: Ms. Barbara Holmes
Registrar: Vacant
Strategic Planning: Kurt Kneeland
Vertical Files: Dr. Cynthia Kennedy
Vertical Files: Charles Brussells
Volunteers (Coordinator): Mrs. Nancy McNamara
Webmaster: Leslie Tomlinson