Calling All Bexar County First Families!

Find out if your family qualifies!
Julius Menger family
The Menger family, left to right and top to bottom, Julius Menger, Johann Menger, Erich Menger,
Rudolph Menger, Augusta Menger, Anna Menger, August Menger, and Ida Menger.
Each year SAGHS honors families who prove their descent from an ancestor who was in Bexar County prior to August 1850. And in 1850 Bexar County covered a large part of Texas west of the current boundaries. If one or more of your ancestors lived in the county no later than 1 August 1850, when the 1850 U.S. census was taken, you can qualify.
Download an application or visit us at 911 Melissa Drive, San Antonio, Texas. Also reach us by telephone at (210) 342-5242 or email us.
The newly proven First Families of Bexar County and the applying descendent are recognized at the annual SAGHS Founders Day luncheon in June of each year. Applications are accepted at any time of the year. If the applications are received no later than February and the family qualifies, they can be recognized at the Founders Day Luncheon in June of that same year.