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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  VA wyth2 1800 Tax Lists & Abstracts of Deeds (1796-1800) of Wythe County, Virginia Schreiner-Yantis, Netti
View Record  OH cler2 1802 Census Clermont County, Ohio. The Northwest Territory of the USA Brown Co. Historical Society
View Record  MD balt0 1804 Tax Assessment, Baltimore County, Maryland Ports, Michael A.
View Record  GA 00006 (2) 1805 Georgia Land Lottery Wood, Virginia and Ralph
View Record  RF 13002 (7) 1812 Ancestor Index 1892-1970, National Society United States Daughters of 1812 Galvin, Eleanor Stevens (comp)
View Record  RF 13002 (7a) 1812 Ancestor Index Volume III 1992-2002, National Society United States Daughters of 1812 Little, Mary Edwards
View Record  OH 00002 (8) 1812 Census of Ohio: A State-Wide Index of Taxpayers, The
View Record  NC rand2 1815 Tax List of Randolph County, North Carolina Hinshaw, Winford Calvin (comp)
View Record  AR 00002 (6) 1820 Census of the Territory of Arkansas (Reconstructed) Morgan, James Logan
View Record  GA tatt2 1820 Census Tattnall County, Georgia Southern Genealogical Exchange
View Record  RF 10002 (17) 1828 American Revolutionary War Pensioners Treasury Department
View Record  SC laur2 1829 Census - Laurens District South Carolina Atchley, Lillis F (donor)
View Record  AL butl2 1830 Census, Butler County, Alabama Butler County Historical Soc
View Record  TX 00002 (3) 1830 Citizens of Texas White, Gifford
View Record  GA 00006 (6) 1832 Gold Lottery Of Georgia, The; Containing a List of the Fortunate Drawers in Said Lottery Lucas, Silas E Rev (comp)
View Record  GA 00006 (7) 1833 Land Lottery Of Georgia, The; and Other Missing Names of Winners in the Georgia Land Lotteries Davis, Robert S., Jr.
View Record  AL barb2 1833 State Census for Barbour County, Alabama Foley, Helen S
View Record  RF 04001 (2) 1833 Thru 1906 Palatine Emigrants from Edenkoben. . .To North America Penn Chap Palatines to America
View Record  RF 23002 (7) 1835 Cherokee Census; Monograph Two Trail of Tears Association
View Record  NC 00002 (5) 1835 Poll Books, North Carolina, 12th Congressional District for the counties of Burke, Haywood, Yancey, Macon, Rutherford, and Buncombe Biddix, Charles David, ed.
View Record  MP TX Bexar (15eee) 1836 San Antonio de Bejar Republic of Texas de Labastida, Ygnacio
View Record  TN 00004 (48) 1837 Tennessee Volunteers; Muster Rolls for Various Counties Douthat, James L., comp.
View Record  PA 00002 (7) 1840 Census of Pennsylvania, Pensioners for Revoultionary & Military Service Closson, Bob & Mary (comp)
View Record  TX 00002 (1a) 1840 Census of the Republic of Texas, The White, Gifford
View Record  AL butl2 1840 Census, Butler County, Alabama Butler County Historical Soc
View Record  MO polk2 1840 Federal and Miscellaneous Censuses - Polk County, Missouri Dunaway, Maxine
View Record  TN coff2 1840 Federal Census Of Coffee County, Tennessee Bridgewater, Betty A.
View Record  IL madi2 1845 Census of Madison County, Illinois Wasser, Elsie M.
View Record  KY fult2 1846 Tax List Fulton County, Kentucky Fulton Genealogical Society
View Record  TX naco2 1847 Census Nacogdoches County Ericson, Carolyn Reeves
View Record  PA some4 1848 History of Somerset County, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Quarteryly Publ.
View Record  FH Potter 1849-1887 Trumbull County Ohio; Lucy Closson Austin Potter 1807-1888; Journals of Potter families with history of Turnbull County Reid, Marian C.
View Record  TX smit2 1850 and 1860 Federal Censuses, Smith County Texas Burks, Loyd, Janet Baker Burks, Sarah Duncan Beene, Nancy Satterwhite Andrews (transcribers)
View Record  LA cadd2 1850 Caddo Parish Louisiana Census Boyett, Jeanie Knox and Joyce Shannon Bridges
View Record  FH moore 1850 Census - Tennessee; Index to the Surname Moore Sistler, Byron and Barbara
View Record  MS lown2 1850 Census Lowndes County, Mississippi Including Free, Slave, Mortality and Agricultural Schedules Thomas, Betty Wood
View Record  SC abbe4 1850 Census of Abbeville District South Carolina, The Lawrence, Harold, editor and indexer
View Record  TX bexa2 1850 Census of Bexar County, Texas San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society
View Record  VA high2 1850 Census of Highland County, Virginia Matheny, Emma Robertson
View Record  VA tyle2 1850 Census of Tyler County, Virginia, now West Virginia with that part of Pleasants County Taken from Tyler in 1851, The Curtis, Mary G.
View Record  VA warw2 1850 Census of Warwick County, Virginia Matheny, Emma Robertson
View Record  VA wash2 1850 Census of Washington County, Virginia Roberson, Rhonda S.
View Record  VA wash2 1850 Census of Washington County, Virginia, Annotated Barbe, Waverly W. (edited by Shelby Ireson Edwards)
View Record  TX sabi2 1850 Census Sabine County, Teas with Added Family Information and Corrections Schluter, Mrs. Helen Gomer, and Mrs. blanche Finely toole
View Record  AL butl2 1850 Census, Butler County Alabama Butler County Historical Soc
View Record  AL bibb2 1850 Federal Census of Bibb County, Alabamma, Theā€¦ Hendrix, Ge Lee
View Record  NC rock2 1850 Federal Census of Rockingham County North Carolina also 1850 Mortality Schedule Daughters of the American Rev.
View Record  IN 00002 (5) 1850 Indiana Mortality Schedule Volume I ; Counties: Adams through Harrison Volkel, Lowell M.
View Record  GA upso2 1850 U. S. Census Records of Upson County, Georgia Maddox & Carter
View Record  TN ande2 1850 United States Census, Anderson County, Tennessee Gammel, Paula (transcribed by)
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Records: 51 to 100 of 18911