Bexar County Cemeteries

There are over 250 cemeteries and burial locations in Bexar County, Texas. These range from individual burial sites, to columbariums, and to large commercial and national cemeteries.
Bexar County Cemetery Locations
Key to Reading the Bexar County Maps
  1. Green push pins: cemeteries recently* visited and confirmed.
  2. Yellow push pins: reported sites not recently* visited and confirmed. 
  3. Red push pins: reported sites that are known to be defunct or could not be found during a recent* search.
See the latest update of the list noted on the left side of the maps.
Burial listings for many of these cemeteries have been compiled and published by the San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society. In addition to the volumes listed below covering specific cemeteries and based on gravestones existing and legible at the time of survey, we also have two additional volumes of Sexton Burial Records covering burials at various of the Eastside Cemetery Complex cemeteries for the period of 1879 to 1900. See our Publications List to order cemetery and other books or order online.
Many cemeteries go by alternate names. Below is a table of all the cemeteries of Bexar County including alternate names.
Primary Name
Alternate Names
Cemeteries of Bexar County,
SAGHS Publication No.
A. Cassanova Cemetery
Cassinova, A. Cemetery
Vol. 3
Adams Cemetery
Adams Family Cemetery
Vol. 5
Agudas Achim Cemetery (New)
Agudas Achim Memorial Gardens
Agudas Achim Cemetery (Old) Congregation Agudas Achim Cemetery  
Aguilar-San Martin Cemetery
A. Aguilar San Martin Cemetery
Vol. 4
Alamo Heights Methodist Church Columbarium
Alamo Masonic Lodge Cemetery
Alamo Masonic Cemetery
Vol. 2
Anchor Masonic Lodge Cemetery
Anchor Masonic Cemetery
Vol. 5
Anderlitch Gravesite
Anderlitch, Valentine Gravesite
Vol. 1
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery
Annunciation Cemetery, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Cemetery, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church  Cemetery, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church  Cemetery
Arciniega Cemetery
Vol. 3
Arnold/Medina Ranch Cemetery
Arnold Cemetery, Medina Ranch Cemetery
Vol. 3
Arocha Cemetery
Vol. 4
August Heidemann Cemetery
Heidemann, August Cemetery, Heidemann Cemetery, Heidemann Family Cemetery
Vol. 1
Bacon-Beckman Cemetery
Bar D Trail (Fake)
Vol. 3
Barker Cemetery
Vol. 1
Barney Williams Cemetery
Vol. 6
Becker Cemetery
Vol. 3
Beltrane & Cannon Cemetery
Vol. 3
Bexar Cemetery
Somerset City Cemetery, Somerset Baptist Church Cemetery
Vol. 1
Blackhill Burial Park
Blackhill Cemetery, Black Hill Cemetery
Vol. 1
Blank Cemetery #1
Vol. 1
Bluebonnet Cemetery
Vol. 1
Borrego Cemetery
Vol. 4
Bruhn Cemetery
Vol. 4
Buchsenschutz Cemetery
Georg H. Buchsenschutz Historical Cemetery, Heirs of Georg H. Buchsenschutz Cemetery
Vol. 3
Bueche Cemetery
Vol. 3
C. T. Trevino Cemetery
Trevino, C. T. Cemetery, C. L. Trevino Cemetery
Vol. 4
Calaveras Lake Relocated Cemeteries
Vol. 4
Calvary Cemetery
Calvert Cemetery
Campos Santo Cemetery [Defunct]
Composanto Cemetery
Cantu Cemetery [1]
Cantu Community Cemetery
Vol. 1
Cantu Cemetery [2]
Cardenas Cemetery
Cardenas Family Cemetery
Vol. 3
Carranza Cemetery [1]
Carranza Cemetery [2]
Vol. 3
Cepeda Cemetery
Cepeda/Zepeda Cemetery
Vol. 2
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Chapel Hill Memorial Park, Colonial Chapel Hill Cemetery
Cholera Burials
Christ Lutheran Church Columbarium
City Cemetery #1
City Cemetery #2
City Cemetery #3
City Cemetery #4
City Cemetery #5
San Antonio City Cemetery #5
Vol. 4
City Cemetery #6
City Cemetery #7 [Defunct]
City Cemetery #7 (St. Gerards)
San Antonio, Texas, Sexton Burial Records, City Cemetery #7
Classen Cemetery
William Classen Cemetery
Vol. 5
Classen Steubing Cemetery
Classen Cemetery
Vol. 3
Coker Cemetery
Vol. 4
Columbarium at Cathedral Park
Confederate Cemetery
Camp of Confederate Soldiers Cemetery
Cover Cemetery
Vol. 2
Davenport Cemetery
Vol. 1
Deats Cemetery
Vol. 1
Delgado Cemetery [1]
Vol. 4
Delgado Cemetery [2]
Vol. 3
Dignowity Cemetery
Vol. 4
DoD Dog Center Lackland AFB
Dullnig Cemetery
Dullning Family Cemetery
Vol. 4
East Mount Calm Cemetery
Eastview Cemetery
Edens Cemetery
Elmendorf City Cemetery
Elmendorf Cemetery
Engelmann Cemetery
Engelman Cemetery
Vol. 2
Espada Cemetery
Vol. 6
First Memorial Park
First Memorial Cemetery
Fischer-Schertz Cemetery
Universal City Cemetery, Rittiman Addition Cemetery
Vol. 1
Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
Fromme Cemetery
Vol. 1
Funari Cemetery
Vol. 4
Garcia Cemetery
Vol. 3
Gates of Heaven Memorial Cemetery
Gates of Heaven Cemetery
George Family Cemetery
George Cemetery
Gerfers Cemetery
Vol. 5
Gonzales Cemetery
Vol. 3
Griego-Rodriguez Cemetery
Las Perlas Cemetery
Vol. 4
Griffin Cemetery
Vol. 1
Groenke Cemetery
Vol. 7
Grosenbacher Cemetery
Grote Cemetery
Vol. 2
Harbardier Cemetery
Heickman Cemetery
Vol. 1
Heidemann-Moreau Cemetery
Vol. 1
Heimsath Cemetery
Helotes Catholic Cemetery
Vol. 7
Helotes Cemetery
Ballsheit Family Cemetery
Vol. 3
Heritage Cemetery
Heritage Family Cemetery
Vol. 3
Hermann Sons - Harmonia Lodge #1 Cemetery
Old Hermann Sons Cemetery
Vol. 4
Hermann Sons (Lodge 157) Cemetery
Hermano Cemetery, Hermann Sons Converse Cemetery, Sons of Hermann #157 - Converse Cemetery, Converse Hermann Sons Cemetery
Vol. 3
Hermann Sons (Lodge 198) Cemetery
Hermann Sons (Macdona) Cemetery, Hermann Cemetery
Vol. 1
Hermann Sons (San Antonio) Cemetery
San Antonio Hermann Sons Cemetery, Hermann Sons Cemetery
Vol. 5
Hernandez Cemetery
Vol. 3
Herrera Cemetery [2]
Vol. 3
Herrera-Martinez Cemetery
Martinez Cemetery
Vol. 3
Hockley Cemetery    
Holbrecht Cemetery
Holbrecht Family Cemetery
Vol. 3
Holy Cross Cemetery
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery
Holy Spirit Mary Immaculate Cemetery
Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate Convent Cemetery
Hooker Cemetery
Hurst Grave
Agnes Hurst Grave
Vol. 3
Hutcheson Cemetery
Vol. 4
Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery   Vol. 7, see also Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery - Old
Incarnate Word & Blessed Sacrament Convent Cemetery
Vol. 6
Incarnate Word Convent Cemetery
Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word Cemetery
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery
Odd Fellows Cemetery
Vol. 6
Juan Moras Cemetery
Vol. 3
Juana Padilla & Jacob Zimmerle Cemetery
Vol. 5
Kabelmacher-Leesch-Uecker Cemetery   Vol. 7
Keefer Cemetery
Keilman Cemetery
Vol. 5
Kempin Cemetery
Vol. 1
Kerr Cemetery
Vol. 1
Kincaid Cemetery
Kincaid Family Cemetery
Vol. 2
Klemcke Cemetery
Klempke Cemetery
Vol. 4
Knights of Pythias Cemetery
Vol. 5
Koch Cemetery
Fritz Koch Cemetery
La Cerca Cemetery
Lazaren Cemetery
Moore-Pardue Cemetery
Vol. 3
Lee Cemetery
Lee (Gray Forest) Cemetery
Leesch Uecker Cemetery
Vol. 7
Leon Springs Cemetery
Jopperwein Mexican Cemetery
Vol. 3
Lessing Cemetery
Our Lady Queen of Heaven Cemetery
Vol. 1
Lieck Cemetery
Leick Cemetery
Vol. 4
Locke Hill Cemetery
Lockehill Cemetery
Vol. 3
Lona China Cemetery
Loma China Cemetery
Vol. 1
Lorant Lorenz Cemetery
Vol. 1
M. B. Morales Cemetery
Morales, M. B. Cemetery
Vol. 3
Madla Cemetery
Medla Cemetery, Media Cemetery, Medio Cemetery
Vol. 2
Mann Road Cemetery
McCulloch Cemetery
McCullough Cemetery, Manns Crossing Cemetery
Vol. 1
Meadowlawn Cemetery
Meadowlawn Memorial Park
Menchaca Cemetery
Menchaca Robles Cemetery
Vol. 2
Milam Cemetery
Mission Burial Park [North]
Mission Funeral Park - North, Mission North Burial Park, Mission Burial Park [3]
Mission Burial Park [South]
Mission Funeral Park - South, Mission South Cemetery, Mission Burial Park [1], Mission Burial Park [2]
Mission Retama Cemetery
Mission San Jose National Park Cemetery
Missionary Servants of Saint Anthony Cemetery
Mitchell-Mauermann Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
Vol. 5
Moos Cemetery
Moos, John Cemetery
Vol. 3
Morales Cemetery [1]
Vol. 3
Morales Cemetery [2]
Lee Cemetery, Lee (San Geronimo) Cemetery, Morales-Lee Cemetery
Vol. 2
Mount Olive Cemetery
Vol. 4
Nanez Cemetery
Vol. 5
New St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery   Vol. 7
Oak Island Cemetery
Oak Island Methodist Church Cemetery
Vol. 3
Oakley Cemetery
Shelley-Fleming Cemetery
Vol. 2
Oblate Cemetery
Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate Cemetery
Obst Cemetery
Vol. 5
Our Lady of Charity Sisters Cemetery
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery #1
Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Selma Cemetery #1
Vol. 2
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery #2
Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Selma Cemetery #2
Panteon de Guadalupe Cemetery
Vol. 6
Paso de las Garzas Cemetery
Paso de los Garzos Cemetery
Vol. 3
Perrin Cemetery
Vol. 1
Pittman Cemetery
Poor Family Cemetery (Defunct)
Poor Cemetery, BCAD Cemetery 400307
Vol. 1
Protestant/Evangelical Home for the Aged (Defunct)
Vol. 1
R. G. Flores Cemetery
Flores Cemetery, Flores, R. G. Cemetery
Vol. 3
Rambie Grove Cemetery
Ramble Grove Cemetery
Vol. 3
Rambie-Lewis Cemetery
Vol. 1
Ray Bon Cemetery
Real Cemetery
Reicherzer-Jungmann Family Cemetery
Resurrection at Cordi Marian Cemetery
Cordi Marian Sisters Cemetery
Robles Cemetery
Rodfei Shalom Cemetery
Rodfei Sholom Cemetery
Romple Cemetery
Ruiz / Herrera Cemetery
Ruiz Cemetery
Vol. 3
Ruiz Grave
Vol. 3
Saint Anthony's Cemetery
Saint Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery
Vol. 4
Saint David's Episcopal Columbarium
Saint Francis Episcopal Columbarium
Saint George Episcopal Columbarium
Saint Hedwig Cemetery
St. Hedwig Cemetery
Vol. 4
Saint Jerome Catholic Cemetery
St. Jerome Cemetery
Saint John Lutheran Cemetery - New
Emmanuel Lutheran (German) Cemetery, Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery - New
Saint John Lutheran Cemetery - Old
Saint John's Lutheran - Old, German Lutheran, Old German Lutheran, Saint John's Lutheran (old) & Emmanuel German Lutheran
Vol. 6.
Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery
Vol. 8
Saint Joseph's Society Cemetery
Vol. 2
Saint Luke's Episcopal Columbarium
Saint Mark's Episcopal Columbarium
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery
Saint Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery, Saint Mary Cemetery
Vol. 8
Saint Mary's Cemetery
Saint Mary's (Somerset) Cemetery
Vol. 5
Saint Michael's Polish Catholic Cemetery
Saint Michael's Catholic Church Cemetery, Saint Michael's Catholic Cemetery
Vol. 4
Saint Patrick's Catholic Cemetery
Saint Patrick Cemetery, San Patricio la Colorado Cemetery
Saint Paul's Cemetery
Saint Paulus Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Saint Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery
Vol. 6
Saint Paul's Episcopal Columbarium
Saints Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery
Vol. 3
Salado Cemetery
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery at Salado, Beitel Memorial Cemetery
Vol. 1
Salem Cemetery
Vol. 1
San Antonio National Cemetery
San Fernando Cemetery #1
San Fernando Cemetery #2
San Fernando Cemetery #3
Roselawn Cemetery
San Isidro Cemetery
San Ysidro Cemetery
San Jose Burial Park
San Jose Cemetery
San Jose Mission Cemetery
Mission San Jose Cemetery, San Jose Cemetery
Vol. 5
San Juan Cemetery
Vol. 1
San Lorenzo Cemetery
San Lorenzo Panteon Cemetery
San Martin Aguilar & Order Caballeros de America Cemetery
Order Caballeros de America Cemetery
Vol. 4
San Pedro Cemetery
Vol. 6
San Pedro Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Vol. 4
San Ramon Cemetery
Hunt Lane Cemetery
Vol. 3
Scenic Lake Drive Cemetery
Vol. 5
Schertz Cemetery
Vol. 3
Schmidt & Geier Family Cemetery
Martin Schmid Family Cemetery
Vol. 2
Schroeder Cemetery
Eucalyptus Cemetery
Vol. 3
Schulmeier Cemetery
Johann V. Schulmeier Family Farm Cemetery
Vol. 1
Seivenschnur Cemetery
Shely Cemetery
Vol. 4
Sidney J Brooks Jr Grave
Brooks AFB Cemetery
Sisters of Sacred Heart Cemetery
Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery
Sisters of the Divine Providence Cemetery
Our Lady of the Lake Convent Cemetery
Society of Mary Cemetery
Marianist Cemetery
Vol. 1
South Mount Calm Cemetery
San Antonio State Hospital Cemetery, West Mount Calm Cemetery
Southton Cemetery
Vol. 3
Stapper Cemetery [1]
Stappers Cemetery
Vol. 1
Stapper Cemetery [2]
Vol. 4
Stinson Cemetery
Stinson Municipal Airport Cemetery
Vol. 3
Sunset Cemetery
Sunset Memorial Park
Tampke Cemetery
Vol. 1
Temple Beth El Cemetery [1]
Temple Beth El Cemetery (Old)
Temple Beth El Cemetery [2]
Congregation of Beth El Cemetery
The Alamo
Alamo, The
Toepperwein Cemetery
Topperwein Cemetery
Vol. 3
Tripp Cemetery
Trip Cemetery
Vol. 1
Villa del Carmen Cemetery
El Carmen Cemetery, Cemeterio del Carmen
Vogel Cemetery
Vol. 6
Voges Cemetery
Vol. 6
Walsh Cemetery
Vol. 5
Wetmore Cemetery
Wetmore Community Cemetery
Vol. 3
Wheeler Cemetery
Vol. 1
Wildflower Cemetery
Sociedad Mutualista Cemetery, Sociedad Cemetery
Williams Graves
Fischer Cemetery
Vol. 2
Winters Cemetery   Defunct. Burials relocated to Holy Cross Cemetery.
Woelfler Cemetery
Vol. 5
Woodland Cassin Cemetery
Vol. 1
Zion Lutheran Cemetery #1
Helotes Lutheran Cemetery
Zion Lutheran Cemetery #2
Zuehl Road Cemetery
Classen Cemetery, Classen Beyer Cemetery
Vol. 1