Picture Wall Index

The table below is an alphabetical listing of the family names in the Picture Wall and the page they appear in the Picture Wall book. Also you can view a complete name list with Our Heritage page numbers.
Name Page
Alder Family (Charles & Annie Lusty) B06
Astin Family (James Hugh & Onah Ward) B02
Bell (Thomas & Latta Manlove) A45
Bellinger Family (Edmund Sr. & Arminda Ann Hankins) A08
Bennack Family (George & Anna Marie Sievers) A09
Brown Family (Jesse Franklin & Sarah Jane Jones) A30
Callies Family (Charles & Pauline Dalke) A39
Callies Family (Robert T. & Mary Magdalene Gayer) A40
Cameron (Luella Edna & Eugene Follett Tull) A28.3
Campbell (Leander & Elizabeth Shields) B16
Campbell (Louis Samuel (Judge) & Ida May Priest) A38
Canterbury Family (Claude & Meta/Maida E. Vogtsberger) A44
Carnal (William Henri & Bettie Mccrocklin) B17
Cole (Jasper Newton & Nannie Elizabeth Walker) B07
Copeland (John & Margaret Pauline Jones) A14
Copeland Family (John & Margaret Jones) A49
Corbett (Ella Moore) A17
Cowles Family (Osborne Hand & Lena Alder) B09
Crouch Family (Jackson & Sallie Winters) A16
Cummings (Lamira Francis) A26-2
Dunlap Family (William Carson & Christina Elzaba Kempson) B14
Earl Family (James Albert Sr. & Lilly January) A01
Flaig Family (Conrad & Marie Otto) B18
Flickinger Family (Elias Gaylord & Julia Ann Easterday) B08
Fuller (Nancy Jane & Henry Green Lewis) A25
Gray (Olive P. & Daniel Brown Tull) A28-1
Gregg (Harriet Haywood & Meshach) B03
Grondman Family (Jacob & Rosa Aldenberg) A20
Hodgdon (Charles Putnam & Lamira Francis Cummings) A26-1
Hodgdon (Edna Aline Hodgdon Tull Gordon Blackman) A28-2
Holmgreen Family (George & Bertha) A33
Klar/Klahr Family (Dominicus & Maria Beschorner) A19
Knutson Family (William Calvin & Rebecca Jane Webb) A31
Lamascus (Charles K. & Elizabeth Magnus) B04
Lamascus (Harriet Morrison & Giles Austin) A41
Lang Family (James Charles & Flora Ann Marsh) A11
Leitner Family (Alois Jr.  & Augustina M. Griedl) A43
Loeloff Family (Rudolph Georg Frederich “George” & Elisa Catherina Antoinette “Katrin” Heckenbach) B13
Magott Family (Theodore & Mary Margaret Kindla) A47
Marsh (Sarah Edna, Wife of Harry Ellsworth Patridge) A10
Mckinney (Iva Jane & Robert Anson Tull) A27-4
Mckinney Family (Goldie “Mack” & Della Derena Hughitt) A29
Menger (Erich Sr. & Mary Elizabeth Phillippe) A37
Menger Family (Johann Nicolaus “Simon” & Augusta Louisa Schoeniger) A18
Messick (George Cain, Sgt., & Martha Miller) A21
Murray (Elsie Righam/Ringham & Joseph Greef) A23
Newton Family (Alfonso Sr. & Felise Franco) A22
Parks (James Thomas & Elnora May Goldsmith) A50
Perez (Alejo de La Encarnation) A48
Phillippe Family (François “Francis” Eugene Sr. & Theresa Wirth) B12
Potschernick Family (Joseph Peter & Agnes Marie Pfeiffer) A12
Price Triplets (Henry Nunnery Price, Nancy C. Price Phillips, James Franklin Price) A02
Riley (Sarah Ann Stillwell Clark Oliver) A04
Rounds (Cephas & Manora “Nora” Test) B15
Schmeltzer (Emilie Victoria Eckhardt & Gustav) A36
Schmeltzer (Gustav & Emilie Victoria Eckhardt) A35
Sheridan (Dennis Patrick Jr., Captain) B01
Shields Family (Sarah & Ben F.) A46
Shockley Family (Charles & Georgia Anna Taylor) A05
Sievers (Frank Edward, First Family of Bexar County #76) B11
Sixkiller (Redbird & Pamela Whaley) A06
Smith Family (George Washington & Iva Melissa High) A34
Soward Family B05
Stearns (Sarah Almena Vredenburgh & Daughter Lucretia Anjean) A42
Tull (Albert Newcomb & Edna Aline Hodgdon) A27-2
Tull (Blanch, Daughter of Albert Newcomb Tull & Edna Aline Hodgdon) A24
Tull (Daniel & Olive P. Gray) A27-1
Tull (Eugene Follett & Louella Edna Cameron) A27-3
Tull (Robert Anson & Iva Jane Mckinney) A28-4
Weld Family (Isaac & Elizabeth Farrell & The Women of the Tyler Coverlet) B10
Westbrook Family (Artemus Ryland & Lucy Rosetta Barnes) A13
Womack (Ellen “Ella” Elizabeth) A03
Worthing (Franklin Clay & Marie Louise Gibson)  A15
Wright (Philip Alexander & Duinda Caroline Everett) A07