Eunice Hindes Photograph

Taken by Barr Studio, Main Plaza, San Antonio, Texas
This photo was sent to the San Antonio Genealogy and Historical Society by Karen Frome, of St. Louis, Missouri.  Karen explains in her letter why she sent it to us.  So, we decided to find out more about the child.
The first step was to establish a time frame for this photograph.  In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, David P. Barr (1839 - 1925) was a well known photographer and sportsman in San Antonio.  He is buried with his wife, Dora Pratt Barr (1852 - 1902) in the Anchor Masonic Lodge Cemetery in San Antonio. 
Given this time line and the nature of the photograph, it made sense to look in the 1900 and 1910 Federal Census to see if we could find a child named Eunice Hindes in the vicinity of San Antonio.  That led to the discovery of a child of Frank and Sallie Hindes named Eunice who was born in 1896. 
In 1900, the family was residing in Atascosa County, just south of Bexar County.  As you can see from the various census records, the family remained in the area   Eunice graduated from the University of Texas with a BA degree in 1921, and married Charles Monkhouse in 1924.  He died in 1970, and Eunice passed away in 1992, aged 96.  Eunice and Charles are buried in the Hondo Cemetery, Medina County, Texas.